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29 July 2014 Prouille on a Solar Mission Prouille Catholic School, Wahroonga has recently installed solar panels and built a sustainable garden. More>
23 July 2014 Death of Loved Pastor - Fr Frank Vaughan The community of Broken Bay mourns the death of beloved Pastor, Fr Frank Vaughan, who died gently in his sleep early Wed ... More>
18 July 2014 Beloved Sr Philomene Tiernan killed in Malaysian Airline tragedy Sr Philomene was among the 27 Australians, and 298 precious lives, tragically lost on the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 ... More>
16 July 2014 The Lakes Parish celebrates On Sunday 13 July, The Lakes Parish celebrated its eighth anniversary of formation from the twinning of St Joseph's Narr ... More>
9 July 2014 Pope Francis meets with survivors of clerical sexual abuse Pope Francis has denounced sex abuse by clergy and has asked six survivors of clerical sexual abuse for forgiveness for ... More>
9 July 2014 Children's Voices for Reconciliation The children in Year 3 at St Patrick’s Catholic School, Asquith took part in the annual Guringai Festival in Hornsby Mal ... More>
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