Heart to Heart : Words from Bishop Peter


29 September 2017 On a Mission from God In my younger years, ‘mission’ was a word almost exclusively used to describe those Christians, usually Religious men and women. 2 August 2017 Called to Love and Serve When I was studying to be a priest, we would write a ‘self assessment’ (a bit like a personal performance appraisal) at the end of each year. 3 April 2017 Learning the way of discipleship There is no such thing as an expert Christian. 5 February 2017 Use our Beautiful Gifts Humbly and Wisely Having taken holidays over January, I had the chance to catch up on some telly. I must admit at being something of a Luddite when it comes to TV. 29 November 2016 A New Renaissance The Renaissance was a revolutionary time of human thought and creativity. 1 October 2016 God is present in our churches We have many lovely churches in our Diocese – each different, and each with its own particular feel. 5 August 2016 A Vocation is truly a life choice The call to live one’s vocation is a life-long journey. 24 May 2016 Pilgrims among sorrows and joys Current events in the life of our local Church express a mix of joy and lamentation. 5 April 2016 At the spiritual heart of our Diocese This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Diocese of Broken Bay. 3 February 2016 Mercy is God's name for His Son The Father’s glory, Christ our light, With love and mercy comes to span The vast abyss of sin between The God of holiness and man. 7 December 2015 This Christmas, receive the Light of Christ In his private rooms at the Vatican, Pope Francis has a rather unusual and rare figurine sitting on his desk. Actually, sitting is not quite right. 2 October 2015 What is truth? What is truth, such that it might be a mark of my speech and a sign of my life? 14 August 2015 Celebrate all vocations... but pray especially for our priests Some might suggest that we have more than enough priests in the Diocese to serve our needs, so why all the emphasis on vocations to the priesthood? 2 June 2015 Christian Marriage - Reflecting the glory, beauty and love of Christ As I’ve been making my way around the Diocese, I am often asked what my priorities are. May I suggest that this is a dangerous question to ask! 31 March 2015 Building Christian Communities It has been a wonderful initial journey for me around all the local communities of grace. Thank you for your warm and generous welcome to Broken Bay.

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