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The Diocese of Broken Bay acknowledges with deep sadness and regret that a number of clergy and religious, teachers and other church personnel have abused children, adolescents and adults who have been in their pastoral care.

The Diocese of Broken Bay, consistent with its Mission Statement, affirms the dignity and worth of all children and young people in its care. The Diocese has a strong commitment to the wellbeing, belonging and security of children and young people.

All persons (including clergy, volunteers and paid staff) undertaking ministry in any capacity within the Diocese are expected to promote child safety and wellbeing and provide an environment which fosters the child’s developmental needs, spirituality, self-respect and dignity.

The Diocese is committed to:
• Creating and maintaining safe and supportive environments;
• Implementing protective systems and practices; and
• Responding appropriately to disclosures of abuse and concerns of inappropriate behaviour toward children and young people.

The Diocese monitors the Royal Commission and looks at how we incorporate its comments and learnings into the working of the Diocese as we prioritise making our church a Child Safe Church.
The Diocese also has a duty of care and a legislated responsibility to ensure the wellbeing, safety and protection of children and young persons, particularly those in care, from all forms of harm. The Diocese recognises the principles of the child protection legislation:
Ombudsman Act 1974
Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998
Child Protection (Working with Children) Act 2012
The Diocese of Broken Bay has a Child Protection policy which covers all services and agencies of the Diocese.

The Diocese also incorporates the ACBC’s Integrity in Ministry and Integrity in the Service of the Church documents which outline standards and expected behaviours for those working and ministering in the Church including volunteers.

The Diocese recognises training is an integral part of maintaining a Child Safe Church. Child Protection training sessions are run across the Dioceses by the various sectors. If you are a volunteer or paid worker and wish to find out more about training, please contact your manager or parish priest.


The Diocese has also responded to the need to respond to any concerns about the safety of a child involving its clergy, volunteers or paid workers in or Diocese by ensuring that there are contact people and systems in place to respond to any concerns.

The Diocese encourages all within our church to join together in caring for our children and to notify the diocese if you see behaviour relating to a child that concerns you.

Download a copy of the Diocese of Broken Bay’s Child Protection Policy (PDF/86k)

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