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Natalie Acton
Project Co-ordinator Synod

About the Program

Incentive for Synod Implementation

As announced at the conclusion of the Synod, Bishop David Walker has launched an incentive program which offers support to parishes and our catholic schools who, in drawing on the wisdom of the Synod, seek to commence a new ministry or to refresh an existing ministry.

The incentive is offered to support parishes and schools who may be inspired by the Synod outcomes but lack the resources to bring them to life. With regard to Catholic Schools, projects to be considered for this program must be in the area of community engagement or faith development and must have a clear connection with their local parish community.

The Diocese will provide support on a dollar for dollar basis for projects which meet the criteria below through a one off payment up to the value of $20000 per project

In total a budget of $100 000 has been allocated to this program.


Applications may be submitted by any member of the Diocese with the support of their Parish Priest and in the case of a school project through the School Principal and local Parish Priest. Submissions need to be made to the Project Co-ordinator Synod by December 1st 2012.

Applications need to be made in writing and must address the following criteria:

  • Projects must be related to achieving Synod Statements and must demonstrate alignment with Synod outcomes.
  • Projects must be for new or refreshed ministry
  • Signed off by Parish Priest for parish projects
  • Signed off by School Principal and Parish Priest for School Projects
  • School projects must be in the areas of faith development, community engagement and must have a clear connection to parish community.
  • School or parish must have the capacity to meet 50% of total costs
  • Single applications can not exceed $20,000
  • The application must provide details of how the money will be spent including itemised costs for varying parts of the project.
  • The parish or school should be able to sustain the project at local level without additional support
  • Must have a nominated person in the parish and/or school accountable for the project who will maintain contact with Synod project co-ordinator during the implementation of the project

Proposals must be co signed by the Parish Priest or School Principal in order to be accepted.


The following type of support may be sought as part of the incentive:

  • support for attending professional development or formation (cost of courses / seminars / travel)
  • salaries / staff employment costs
  • mentoring
  • purchase of equipment
  • support in production of promotional / marketing / ministry materials
  • costs of bringing people into the parish who are featured in consultation stories
  • costs of engaging consultants to work in the parish on specific projects

A maximum limit of $20,000 will apply for any single application. Priority consideration will be given to projects that are aimed at strengthening relationships between parish and school communities.

In the event that the pool of funds is oversubscribed, particular projects may be offered partial funding.

Commencement of Support

Once the application has been received and approved, support may start immediately.
Submissions or enquiries should be directed to:

Natalie Acton,
Project Co-ordinator Synod

Catholic Diocese Broken Bay

Building 2, 423 Pennant Hills Road
Pennant Hills NSW 2021

PO Box 340
Pennant Hills NSW 1715

Phone 02 9847 0000
Fax 02 9847 0001