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Pope Francis seeks your input on the Synod of the Family 

7 January 2015 General Interest

Following the Extraordinary Synod on the Family in October, Pope Francis and the Synod of Bishops are once again seeking responses to questions as part of their preparation for the 2015 Synod on the Family. Engaging in this process is a way to take an active role in shaping how we share the Gospel and respond to the needs of those around us.

This next stage in the process aims to extend the work of the previous Synod rather than revisit what has already been discussed. The questions have been framed to draw out ways in which the Church can better listen, look to Christ and then act to support marriage and family life.

A survey has been created to collate responses from the Diocese of Broken Bay. If you do not live within the Diocese of Broken Bay, you may wish to contact your own diocese for further information on how you can respond. The Broken Bay questionnaire has been developed to enable as many people as possible to respond. You need not answer all of the questions. You may wish to focus on questions relating to a particular area of interest or expertise.

While not essential to be able to answer the questions, you may wish to read the Relatio Synodi (final report of the Extraordinary Synod in October 2014) before responding. It can be found here together with a detailed consideration of the questions.:

The survey will be open until midnight on Tuesday 10 February 2015.

We look forward to receiving your response and would encourage you to invite others to participate as the Pope wants to hear from as wide a cross section of the Catholic community as possible.

To access the survey please click here

For further information please contact:

Janette Davidson
Diocesan Coordinator - Family Life Ministries
Ph : 9847 0502

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