The Missionary Dimension of our Christian Calling | National Vocations Awareness Week

In his message for the 54th World Day of Prayer for Vocations this year, His Holiness Pope Francis draws our reflection towards the call “to go out from ourselves. 

7 August 2017 General Interest

In his message for the 54th World Day of Prayer for Vocations this year, His Holiness Pope Francis draws our reflection towards the call “to go out from ourselves.

“All Christians are called to be missionaries of the Gospel! As disciples, we do not receive the gift of God’s love for our personal consolation, nor are we called to promote ourselves, or a business concern. We are simply men and women touched and transformed by the joy of God’s love, who cannot keep this experience just to ourselves.”

Our commitment to this mission, this call to Holiness shared through our Baptism, is not an added extra to our Christian life, but an intrinsic element of our faith – our vocation.

National Vocations Awareness Week (NVAW), which has been dedicated by the Church to recognise and promote the distinct calling we have all received through God’s great gift of love, provides an opportunity for all Australian dioceses, parishes, schools, religious communities, youth and campus ministers, and other Catholic organisations, to focus at the same time on this 'call to Holiness.'

Each vocation, be it married life, religious life, consecrated life, permanent diaconate, priesthood or the single state, is a gift to the other, one enhancing and contributing to the fulfilment of the other. Their interconnectedness advances the Kingdom of God in the world.

The week is a time to focus our prayers and support for all, particularly for those considering a vocation to priesthood and religious life, and especially for our young people who might be asking, "To what vocation in life is God calling me?" We may often think that vocations to priesthood and religious life sit outside our responsibilities, but raising up vocations comes from within our communities and from within our own families. It could be a simple invitation or encouragement to someone to consider this path that brings great joy and fulfilment.

Pope Francis asks us to continue in our prayers for all vocations:

“With… confidence born of the Gospel, we become open to the silent working of the Spirit, which is the basis of mission. There can be no promotion of vocations or Christian mission apart from constant contemplative prayer…. I ask parish communities, associations and the many prayer groups present in the Church…to continue praying that the Lord will send workers to his harvest.”

If you are someone who would like to know more about vocations to the Priesthood, Permanent Diaconate or Religious Life, or you what to find the best way to bring that invitation to someone you know please contact:

Fr Paul Durkin Director,
Office for Vocations
T: 9484 1427

Fr Jim McKeon Director,
Formation for the Permanent Diaconate
T: 4369 1211

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