The Road to Bethlehem


14 December 2017 General Interest

The Road to Bethlehem is a courageous breaking open of the Christmas Story, the Nativity, following the tradition of St Francis of Assisi who eight hundred years ago began live retellings of the Nativity using animals and people to stage the story.

On Wednesday 6 December, St Leo’s Catholic College, Wahroonga took this tradition to new heights using 250m2 of painted backdrops, 60 handmade costumes and props, life size sets, a full cast of staff and students along with three camels, a flock of sheep and of course the donkey that carried the Holy Family. All the costumes, props, sets and backdrops were made by the students and the staff at the College.

Assisted by smoke machines, professional lighting, sound equipment and a full student choir, scripture was broken open like never before in the Light of Christ Centre.

Natalie Zeaiter who played Mary said, "holding a live baby in my arms and laying the baby in the manger made me very emotional. I felt nervous just as Mary would have been as a new mother."

Ian D’souza who played Joseph shared that his faith felt recharged by having the opportunity to play Joseph. "Smelling the camels, trying to lead the donkey while Mary was on its back made me feel like I was actually there. You cant help being affected by it."






The College Director of Evangelisation and Catholic Formation, Daniel Petrie, said "gathering local primary schools to join this sensory exploration of the Nativity is both an honour and a deep responsibility. Handing on the story and the meaning of Christmas is a sacred role that the college is overjoyed to assist in."

Residents from the McQuoin Park Retirement Village also joined the congregation. Angel Gabriel played by teacher Tracie Axton said "I feel so blessed to be part of it. I work with students with learning difficulties and I see the spark of heaven in each one of them. Playing the Angel Gabriel is my special way of celebrating them." 

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