Biblical Apostolate

The aim of the Biblical Apostolate is to offer opportunities for all to read and engage with the Bible as a life giving encounter with God, leading to a deeper lived relationship with God. 

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105

For Christians, the Bible is more than a collection of ancient stories. It is not a static document, but a living text which continues to speak to us today.

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Lanky Guys The Word on the Hill  - Fr Peter Mussett and Dr Scott Powell break open each of the upcoming Sunday Scriptures in this engaging podcast. Recorded each Friday.

The Diocese of Broken Bay seeks to offer opportunities for all to read and engage with the Bible as a life giving encounter with God, leading to a deeper lived relationship with God. All are encouraged to grow in knowledge and understanding of sacred Scripture, and in applying Scripture to everyday life.

The Diocese of Broken Bay is an associate member of the Catholic Biblical Federation.  


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 Broken Bay Bible Conference 2018 

Bible Sunday 22 July 2018

Bible Sunday is celebrated each year on the 4th Sunday in July, and parishes are encouraged to celebrate the Bible on this day in a special way.




Bible Society Celebrates 200 Years

In March 2017, the Bible Society celebrated 200 years of sharing the Bible, and is Australia’s longest-living organisation.

For information on the events held, please visit

Scripture Reflections 

Weekly video reflections are offered by the Centre for Christian Spirituality. These short videos offer the text of the Gospel, a commentary, space for personal reflection and a conversation regarding application of the Gospel to our lives.

Access the resource a the Centre for Christian Spirituality Page.  

Living Biblically in a Secular World

Archbishop Mark Coleridge presents a formation series on the Bible, showing how the Scriptures offer insight and wisdom into the contemporary issues we experience today, and the capacity of God’s word to transform our lives. View lectures. 


Biblical Apps

So many Biblical resources are now available for tablets and smartphones that it can be hard to work out exactly what is offered. This guide has been put together to help sort through the details. Consider downloading some of these for easy access to the Bible. For other suggestions on Apps, please visit

Biblical Apostolate Videos

Please visit our Youtube Channel playlist for these videos:



50th Anniversary of Dei Verbum 1965 – 2015

2015 marked the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council’s Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation which speaks about the revelation of God’s word through Scripture, Tradition and Church teaching. 


“For the words of God, expressed in human language, have been made like human discourse, just as the word of the eternal Father, when He took to Himself the flesh of human weakness, was in every way made like men.” (DV 11)

  • “The Living Word” is a project undertaken to mark the 50th anniversary of Dei Verbum as a joint partnership of America Magazine and the American Bible Society. A series of articles and videos are available.

Biblical Documents 

There are a number of key documents that outline the importance of Sacred Scripture and the Church's understanding of God's word.




The Bible Reborn: Rediscovering the Riches of Scripture by Dianne Bergant

Bible Reading Plans

Below are some plans and ideas which offer an opportunity to begin a new habit of reading the Bible.




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