Respect Life

The Diocese of Broken Bay promotes a culture of life that respects the lives and wellbeing of all members of our human family, especially the unborn, the sick, the disabled, the elderly and the dying. 

 “Respect, protect, love and serve life, every human life! Only in this direction will you find justice, development, true freedom, peace and happiness! ...
I look with renewed confidence to every household and I pray that at every level a general commitment to support the family will reappear and be strengthened, so that today too-even amid so many difficulties and serious threats-the family will always remain, in accordance with God's plan, the 'sanctuary of life' ".  
(Pope John Paul II, The Gospel of Life) 

Respect Life Sunday

Every year the Diocese of Broken Bay dedicates the first Sunday in October as Respect Life Sunday. Each Respect Life Sunday highlights a current issue where we can positively contribute to building a civilization of life. While Respect Life Sunday is only one day a year, its spirit aims to inspire individuals and faith communities to be more aware of the gift that each individual is and how we can respect and celebrate the gift of life every day of the year. Many opportunities will occur throughout the year for individuals and parish communities to promote respect for life and the dignity of the human person.
Resources which deal with respect for life issues include the following:  

Pray and Fast for Life during Lent

Following John Paul II’s call for a “great prayer for life” the Diocese promotes ways in which people can be encouraged to do something extra in Lent to help build a culture of life.


Download Prayercard [PDF/140KB]


Beginning of Life

Pregnancy Support / Counselling

Expectant mothers are supported through a number of agencies in the community. These agencies offer a range of services from emotional to practical help.


Abortion is increasingly an issue of great concern for Catholics. It is having a profound effect on our society and is a problem we cannot afford to ignore.

Until recently abortion was rarely ever spoken about. Many people would rather not think about it as it often makes them uncomfortable. Often we know someone, a friend or relative who has had an abortion and we don’t want to upset them so we tend to avoid the issue altogether. Alternatively we may not know what to say.

Although society claims that abortion “solves the problem” of an unplanned pregnancy, and allows women to “get on with their lives,” this is not the lived experience of many women and men. Instead abortion leaves them shattered and grieving. In raising awareness of abortion, the Church seeks not to condemn those whose lives have been left broken and hurt but to bring new understanding, forgiveness and peace. She wants ultimately, to bring about a change of heart, and to transform our community into a civilisation of life. 

Walking with Love Alternatives and Responses to Abortion




“Walking With Love” describes the loving gentle way in which we are called to support vulnerable pregnant women, including their husbands, partners and families, to choose life. It also involves the embrace and support of those who suffer the effects of an abortion.


For more information on Walking with Love:

Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats

A weekend retreat designed to bring psychological and spiritual healing to women and men suffering the effects of a past abortion experience.


For more information on Rachel's Vineyard:


End of Life

End of Life Decisions

“In our tradition, we regard life in terms of stewardship –
we don’t own our bodies, we are custodians, we are stewards of our bodies…”  

(Professor Tonti-Filippini)


The late Professor Nicholas Tonti-Filippini, Associate Professor and Head of Bioethics at Melbourne’s John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family presented sessions on Future Care Planning in the Diocese of Broken Bay in September 2012.

Professor Tonti-Filippini’s brochure “To Love to the End Planning a Good Death” can be downloaded below, or copies are available from the Life, Marriage and Family Office, Archdiocese of Melbourne at


Palliative Care

“Although they are approaching the end of their lives, dying people should never be regarded as ‘unproductive’ or ‘burdens’, but as our brothers and sisters who are worthy of quality care, reverence and love.”

The brochure “The Last Stage of our Journey Palliative Care and the End of this Life” can be downloaded below, or copies are available from the Life, Marriage and Family Centre, Archdiocese of Sydney at 


“No one wants to suffer. No one wants to see their loved ones suffer. This is an important reason why a significant majority of Australians are said to support voluntary euthanasia and why there are continual attempts to legalise the practice in Australia. But many people who claim to support voluntary euthanasia do not fully understand and appreciate what euthanasia encompasses.”

The brochure “Euthanasia Myths & Reality” can be downloaded below, or copies are available from the Life, Marriage and Family Centre, Archdiocese of Sydney 



  1. Life and Family Issues Newsletter A collaboration between the Queensland Bioethics Centre and JPII Centre for Family and Life. 

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