Seniors Ministry

Our vision for seniors’ ministry is to create community in every parish or cluster of parishes by establishing for and by seniors outreach, spiritual awareness and care support programs. 

How to Set Up a Seniors Ministry in Your Parish

All you need to get a seniors’ ministry going in your parish is a vision. To kick start this process it’s a good idea to ask all relevant people, from the parish priest to the parishioners themselves, the following question:

  • What do seniors want to achieve in the parish?
  • Once you ask the question you will find that a lot of good ideas will flow from this.

Recruiting Volunteers

Recruiting volunteers can occur in many different ways:

  • Parish ministry recruitment drives
  • New parishioners’ registration cards
  • Direct approach
  • Advertisements in your parish bulletin and on the parish website

Spirituality for Seniors

What is life about? What is deeply important and sacred as we grow older?

Spirituality is about the search for that which gives life and deep meaning for us.

In a world so centred on youth, there are few who see mature age as a gift.

Spirituality is our relationship with others as well as with God

Celebrating Seniors in your Parish

Everyone in this world, no matter their race colour or creed, has a date to celebrate every year. Everyone has a birthday!

Seniors often have been married for many years. Significant anniversary blessings are an excellent way to celebrate with seniors.

Lay Ministry Training

“Pope Paul VI introduced new lay ministries in the Church. In doing so, he made it clear that there was room for more such ministries. The early church was characterised by a variety of ministries. It was a church served by many different ministries, which enriched its life and drew many people to a more active role in the proclamation of the Gospel.”  

In Broken Bay Diocese formation is offered in a number of different areas including the Seniors ministry. Formation is open to both men and women. To find out more visit the Lay Ministries page.

Communion to the Sick and Housebound

The sick and elderly are sometimes prevented from celebrating the Mass with the rest of the parish community. It is during these times that other members of the parish community are able to bring communion to them, and so reunite them sacramentally to the Lord. They are also reunited with the Eucharistic community from which illness had separated them.

Visitation of the Sick and Elderly

There are many parishioners who are isolated from their parish community by reason of sickness or age. Social visits from other parishioners bringing companionship and a listening ear can be a very welcome diversion for the housebound.


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