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God comforts us in our grief and enables us to comfort others with the same solace we receive from God. 

A Loss and Bereavement Ministry in your parish will help to facilitate the development of ongoing support of parish based groups. These groups can provide practical and pastoral assistance and planning for persons who are grieving due to a loss in their lives.

There are many different types of losses we can experience:

  • Family member or friend through death
  • Family member or friend due to an argument or incident
  • Family member or friend due to divorce
  • Job
  • Marriage
  • Self esteem
  • Health
  • Financial security
  • Home – due to job loss or financial trouble,
  • Country – refugees
  • Happiness – through any expectations not being met

How to Start a Loss and Bereavement Ministry in Your Parish

Why have a Loss and Bereavement Ministry?

  • An opportunity to show the compassionate face of Christ
  • An opportunity to connect long term with the family
  • An opportunity to connect with the 85% who may no be a part of the regular worshipping community
  • An opportunity to connect with young people in the parish

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