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Seeking to support parishes bring the Church’s teachings to everyday choices, involvement and commitment; to witness to the world the values espoused by Catholic Social teachings. 

Social Justice Statement 2017 - 2018

Everyone’s Business: Developing an Inclusive and Sustainable Economy

Pope Francis has called for an economic system that places men and women at the very centre – one that meets the needs of all people and is just and sustainable. He denounces economic structures that take a purely utilitarian view of human beings, treating them as mere elements of production, to be thrown away if they are not seen as useful or productive. The Australian Catholic Bishops’ Social Justice Statement for 2017–18 is titled ‘Everyone’s Business: Developing an inclusive and sustainable economy’. The Bishops call for an economy that is founded on justice and offers dignity and inclusion to every person. The excluded and vulnerable must have a voice in decision making. God is calling us to use his bounty wisely, for the good of all and of our planet.
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Current Issues


News adapted from the Refugee Council of Australia:

December 11, 2017
The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (UN CERD) has become the fifth UN body in the last year to criticise Australia’s treatment of people seeking asylum and refugees.

Asher Hirsch, Senior Policy Officer with the Refugee Council of Australia said, “The Refugee Council and all compassionate and law abiding Australians are deeply disappointed that for the fifth time in just one year a UN body has publicly raised very serious criticisms of Australia’s treatment of refugees”.

The UN CERD report, examined Australia’s commitment and progress in working to eliminate racial discrimination and made 47 recommendations. These included; Australia to amend its laws to stop the transfer and indefinite detention of asylum seekers and refugees; cease the policy and practice of offshore detention; desist from sending vulnerable people back to countries where they may face persecution; and to re-establish a fair process for assessing refugee claims.

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To read the UN CERD report, go to: 

Indigenous Australia 

From Caritas Australia:

In 2017, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders and representatives from across the country gathered near Uluru and crafted the ‘Uluru Statement from the Heart’. The Statement outlines a pathway for truth and reconciliation: “Makarrata is the culmination of our agenda: the coming together after a struggle”. It calls for two changes.

  • The establishment of a ‘First Nations Voice’, a representative body to advise Parliament and to be enshrined in our Constitution,
  • A Makarrata Commission to supervise a process of treaty-making between Governments and First Nations, and truth-telling about our history.

But now these recommendations have been rejected. To sign a joint statement asking the Prime Minister and our Parliament to respect and support the Uluru statement, click here. To read the Uluru Statement, “From the Heart”, click here.

Social Justice Statement 2016 - 2017

A Place at the Table:
Social Justice in an Ageing Society

The Statement celebrates the value and dignity of older people in Australian life. It challenges us to recognise their significant contribution to society and emphasises that this contribution should not be valued in mere economic terms. The Statement calls for justice for those who are most vulnerable and warns about a view of older people as burdensome or dispensable.

 To read the document or for further details please visit the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council website at


Migrant and Refugee Sunday - 26 August 2018

Welcoming, Protecting, Promoting and Integrating Migrants and Refugees

Migrant and Refugee Sunday will be held on 26 August 2018, the 104th anniversary of the World Day of Migrants and Refugees. As part of the celebrations, the Australian Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office prepared a Migrant and Refugee Resource Kit.

For a soft copy of the kit, please go to 


Laudato Si'

On Care for our Common Home 

Since its release on 18 June 2015, Laudato Si’, has prompted much discussion in the Church and public square about the ecological issues impacting our world. The following resources are available to allow a continued dialogue and response to this encyclical.



1. Diocese of Broken Bay Laudato Si’ Discussion Guide for Parishes, Schools and Small Groups 
This resource is available online and can be used as a guide for small groups.

2. Tree of Life - A resource from Catholic Earthcare Australia for the first anniversary of Laudato Si'
This resource includes a prayer card; Sunday Gospel reflections; a theological reflection; and ways of taking practical action.

3. Living Laudato Si’ – The Ecological Challenge of Pope Francis
This recently released book offers a 40-day eco-reflection on the thoughts of Pope Francis as articulated in his encyclical Laudato Si’: On Care for our Common Home. It provides further reflections on some of the prominent themes underscored in the encyclical with a central focus on our integral relationship with our fellow humans and the whole natural world. Rediscover our eco-vocation as authentic carer of creation and rekindle a sense of intimacy and communion with the natural world. “In these words you will be richly challenged and given the resources to rise against the common ecological indifference that marks our current time.” – Most Rev Peter A Comensoli. $18 per book + $7.45 Postage (discounts for pensioners and students). To order email/call: Rev Norberto Ochoa, Warringah Parish or 0437 324 227

The online text of the Encyclical and further resources can be found here.

Copies of the Encyclical can be purchased online from Pauline Books & Media here.



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