Diocesan Ecumenical Commission

Assisting the growth of ecumenical relationships in the parishes of the Diocese are the Parish Ecumenical Representatives, one from each parish.  

Of these representatives, 12 members form the Diocesan Ecumenical Commission which meets four times per year.

Ways in which the Diocesan Ecumenical Commission and the Parish Ecumenical Representatives foster growth in ecumenical relationships within the Diocese include:

  • promoting ecumenism at parish level
  • developing understanding and building good relations between the parish and other Christian communities in the area
  • encouraging attendance at ecumenical gatherings (forums, workshops) as they arise
  • providing opportunities for Christians of the different churches to pray and meet together, e.g. Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, ecumenical breakfasts and morning teas
  • supporting youth involvement in Taize prayer and retreats
  • supporting Covenant relationships between parishes where these exist

Some parish communities are in a Covenant relationship with other churches in their neighbourhood.

At Diocesan level, ecumenical activities include Ecumenical Advent Services, the Two Bishops’ Dialogues, the annual joint Anglican-Catholic Clergy Conference, as well as participation with other Christians in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

The Diocese of Broken Bay is in Covenant relationship with the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle and the Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle. A combined meeting of the three Ecumenical Commissions (The Three Commissions Meeting) take place twice per year, being hosted by each Diocese in turn.

These activities reflect at a local level the commitments made to ecumenical relationships embodied in the Australian Churches Covenant which has been signed by the 18 member churches of the National Council of Churches of Australia.

  • Chair: Fr Colin Blayney

For further information please contact:

Fr Colin Blayney
Telephone: (02) 9416 3702
Email: colin@lindfieldkillara.org.au


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