Children and Scripture



The Bible is a treasure trove of great stories which children love. In reading the Bible, not only do children receive enjoyment, but they come to know Christ and their faith story at the same time.  

Children’s Bible

The Diocese of Broken Bay is able to offer parishioners a Children’s Bible and a Children’s Illustrated Bible at affordable prices.
Broken Bay Bible Offer


Families and the Bible

At the Faith and Families Forums held in March 2015, a workshop was held to discuss ways in which parishes can assist families in engaging with the Bible, with a particular focus on children. The handout for the workshop can be downloaded below.

From Pope Francis, 5 October 2014:
So today, as the Synod on the Family opens, with the help of the Paulines we can say: a Bible for every family! “But Father, we have two, three of them...”. But where have you hidden them?... The Bible, not to place it on a shelf, but to keep it at hand, to read it often, every day, both individually and together, husband and wife, parents and children, maybe in the evening, especially on Sundays. This way the family grows, walks, with the light and power of the Word of God!

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

One way that children are able to experience the reading of Scripture is by taking part in Children’s Liturgy of the Word. This takes place during Sunday Mass, where children go to a separate place to hear the readings proclaimed at their level. The readings are then discussed with the children and they are able to engage with the text in a way that facilitates understanding. 

Bible Sunday Resources

Bible Sunday is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of July. Each year, a children’s crossword is made available to encourage children to read the Bible. Please view the Bible Sunday page to download these puzzles.

Lent and Advent Resources

Worksheets are made available during Lent and Advent to help children and families to engage with the Sunday scriptures.

Other Resources

Interactive Bible Story Map

An online children’s game in which children assume a character and explore stories of the Bible in a game format.



The Bible App for Kids  

A free Bible App for children with colourful and interactive stories. For tablets and smartphones, using touch-screen technology.



Superbook contains the Bible text with many video clips, games, questions and answers, and biblical character profiles.Can be accessed on PC or downloaded as an app.


The Beginner’s Bible online

A selection of Bible stories from The Beginner’s Bible presented in video format can be found on


Biblical scroll Activity

Directions on how to make a scroll of Bible stories. Includes the text of several stories and colouring-in templates.




Veritas Bible Courses

Online interactive biblical courses for children. 


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