Diocesan Council for Women

The Diocesan Council for Women is a post Synod initiative established by Bishop David Walker following consultation with the Post Synod Committee. 

The Diocesan Council for Women exists to be a catalyst for the broader participation and inclusion of women in the life and mission of the church in Broken Bay. The Council held its first meeting on 9 April 2013.

The Council for Women will:

1. Be informed by the three Synod statements in all of their undertakings.

2. Draw from the Leading as a Disciple Synod Outcome as they work together.

3. Work with the belief that all the baptised are priestly people, called to participate in the mission of Christ with unique gifts for a variety of ministries.

4. Work with the Scriptural understanding of justice as right relationship.

5. Look to Catherine of Siena as a spiritual guiding force.

Gail Gill
Executive Officer
Email: gail.gill1@dbb.org.au 
Ph: 02 9847 0236

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