Bible Sunday

Bible Sunday is celebrated in Australia on the 4th Sunday of July.  

In the 2010 document, Verbum Domini, Pope Benedict XVI expressed a heartfelt hope for a “a new season of greater love for sacred Scripture on the part of every member of the People of God, so that their prayerful and faith-filled reading of the Bible will, with time, deepen their personal relationship with Jesus”.  


Bible Sunday gives us an opportunity to think about how we are responding to this appeal, and to make changes to include reading and studying the Bible as a regular part of our faith life.

Bible Sunday 24 July 2016

Resources for Bible Sunday 2016 are as follows: 

Bible Sunday 2016 handout ‘Unlocking the Good News in Today’s Gospel’ - based on the Sunday Gospel for 24 July

Bible Sunday Children’s Puzzle - based on the Gospel of Luke, and is suitable for primary school aged children. For the solution to this puzzle, please click here.




Other suggestions for the celebration of Bible Sunday

  • Bible sales after Mass - to order Bibles, please contact Dina Leverett at or 9847 0442
  •  Make a feature of the Gospel Procession at Masses
  • Promote Bible Study groups in the parish - a member of the group may like to speak at Masses and invite others to join
  • Prayer of the Faithful:

“On this Bible Sunday, we give thanks for our sacred Scriptures through which God speaks to his people. We pray that by hearing God’s word, we can be inwardly transformed.”

  • Bulletin Notice:

Bible Sunday 24 July
Today is Bible Sunday, an occasion to give thanks for our sacred Scriptures through which God speaks to us, and inwardly transforms us. Today’s Gospel gives us encouragement in our faith life, inviting us to keep asking, searching and knocking in the assurance that our prayers are heard and answered.
Question: How open is the door between you and Jesus? Is it shut; partly open; fully open? What can you do to open the door a little more?
Reflection: “Jesus therefore encourages his disciples to ask. We may not have the wisdom to know what is good for us. We are still invited to ask, with our eyes fixed not on the object of our request but on God our Father. God is wise and God will certainly give us what we need. He will lead us to find what it is we are really seeking. He will open for us the door that leads to life. He longs to give his Spirit to us.” (Fr Michael Fallon, msc)
Bible Sunday resources can be found at, including a handout on today’s Gospel and a children’s puzzle.

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