Key Questions of Our Faith


The life, death and resurrection of Jesus are at the heart of the Christian faith. Below are responses to six commonly asked questions about God, Jesus and the Church. Who is Jesus? Why did Jesus have to die? What does the resurrection mean? What is the role of the Church? The answers are the hope and the good news of our faith.


As part of the recent Year of Faith, priests of the Diocese of Broken Bay Fr Clem Hill, Fr Jim McKeon and Fr David Ranson respond to these key questions of our faith.

1. Why believe in God? 

"Anyone who has ever loved or been deeply loved, knows that there is something which stirs in a deep place within us, which we call our soul, and that there is a source of energy there."


2. Who is Jesus and why is he important? 

"We can believe in Jesus. We can have a relationship with him here and now... Jesus changed the posture of humanity’s relationship to God, by being both fully human, and fully divine."


3. Why does Jesus die the way he does? 

"Jesus was tempted in every way that we are, but he never gave in. Instead, he put “self” aside and turned completely to his God. Never was this more true that when he was dying on the cross, utterly devoid of “self”."


4. What do we mean when we say Jesus rose from the dead? 

"But the body in which Jesus lives now is not a body like the one I have. Jesus lives now in the body which is the community of his friends. His friends together are the body in which he lives."


5. What role does the Church have in my understanding of Jesus? 

"Just after Jesus’ resurrection, the earliest Christian communities had a name for themselves – the “assembly”.... We're talking about something vibrant, alive, and God-directed. That “ekklesia” is the Church."


6. What is the invitation that comes to me through Jesus? 

 "Believing that dignity is possible beyond our shame, that love is possible beyond fear, that openness is possible beyond resentment gives us the framework for a wholly new way of living than if we did not believe this was possible."

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