Biblical Sources for Catholic Social Teaching


To create a life of compassion, a life where justice and peace is perpetually cultivated and renewed, is to begin by answering God’s invitation to Justice from the Scriptures, beginning through the spirit of prayer.

Catholic Social Teaching is rooted in the Bible. The abundance of texts both from the Old Testament and the New Testament stimulate the call to promote the vision of a just society. The biblical themes of Justice throughout the bible offer sustenance to each of us, not to lose hope but to continually develop new ways to live and work for justice as His disciples, building the Kingdom of God in the world today. 

Biblical Themes of Justice

God is active in human history
Covenant relationship
Anawim - "the widows, orphans and aliens”
The example of Jesus – reign of God, healing

Suggestion #1

Visiting some Scriptures individually or as a group. 

Old Testament Texts New Testament Texts 
 Genesis 1:27  Luke 3:11
 Isaiah 61:1-2  Matthew 25:31-46
 Micah 6:8  Matthew 5:3-10
 1 Kings 17:8-24  Acts 2:44-45
 Psalm 77  Acts 4:32-37
 Leviticus 19:13-18  James 1:5-17
 Exodus 23:6-8  Philippians 2:4-7


Suggestion #2

Sourcing a Bible Study which calls your group to Justice, for example:

Suggestion #3

Using stimulus material; Sandie Cornish offers an online PowerPoint for group discussion, where the whole presentation may be used as a discussion starter or one slide may be selected as a focus for personal or group reflection and it is adaptable for different texts you may choose.



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