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Fr James Mallon Presentations

Fr James Mallon wrote the book Divine Renovation, and speaks from his experience at St Benedict Parish in Halifax, Canada, in moving the parish towards a more evangelising and missionary outlook. He was in Australia in November 2016. 



A series of videos of Fr Mallon's talks in the Archdiocese of Brisbane is available on the link below.

Session 1: What does it look like to be a missionary parish community?
Session 2 A: What is needed to transform the culture of the Parish?
Session 2 B: Naming the 10 building blocks 
Session 3: Becoming an Inviting Church 
Session 4: Forum - So What?

Fr James Mallon's presentation in the Archdiocese of Melbourne:

Interview with Fr James Mallon - a series of 5 short videos:

Proclaim 2016 Resources

Over three energising days in September 2016 over 520 delegates came together in Chatswood, NSW, to share insights and exchange best practices on parish evangelisation. PROCLAIM 2016 was hosted and organised by the Office for Evangelisation, Diocese of Broken Bay, on behalf of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

To support the ongoing mission of our parishes, the following resources are available: 

  • A parish resource including keynotes from PROCLAIM 2016 and supplemented with reflection questions to support local discussion and implementation of the insights of the Conference. Select workshops to provide additional resources, covering themes such as parish engagement, the best practices in parish evangelisation drawn from Australian research, and the formation of evangelisation teams.
  • Videos and audio presentations of Keynotes and Workshops

Pastoral Research Office

The Pastoral Research Office is an agency of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference which has responsibility for Coordinating Catholic participation in the National Church Life Surveys; carrying out the National Catholic Census Project; carrying out and reporting the results of the National Count of Attendance; and providing research and pastoral planning consultancy services to dioceses and Catholic agencies.
The PRO produces a number of reports including Catholic Social Profiles based on the Census data; and a newsletter is also available.

Building Stronger Parishes

Dr Trudy Dantis draws on her research into factors that lead to parish vitality to provide Australian case studies with down-to-earth examples of what can be achieved in eight key areas that lead to stronger parishes: planning, spirituality and faith formation, liturgy, community building, welcoming and hospitality, outreach, evangelisation and leadership.
The handbook is now available for purchase from Garratt Publishing.



 The Amazing Parish

This website aims at helping Catholic leaders build amazing parishes based on the building blocks of:

A Reliance on Prayer and the Sacraments
A Commitment to a Healthy Organization
A Passion for Evangelization and Discipleship

The website contains a wealth of resources.


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