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Dee Why Parish History

The first church in Dee Why was built in 1923. The Parish of St. Kevin was established in 1928, when it was detached from Manly. The church was blessed by Cardinal Gilroy on the 29 April 1962. The original school and convent were built in the following years; they were all small wooden buildings. At the time the Dee Why Parish extended to Palm Beach.

In 1946 the new parish of Narrabeen was formed and in 1959 Narraweena became the centre of another new parish. The parishes of Dee Why and Narraweena were amalgamated on 1st July 2009, forming the new Catholic Parish of Warringah. 

In April 1965 the benevolence of Cardinal Gilroy, Archbishop of Sydney, offered the parish of St. Kevin to the Scalabrini Fathers. The Scalabrini Fathers, so called because of the name of their Founder, Bishop Scalabrini, saw their origin as a Religious Congregation in 1887. Their scope is to follow migrants, assisting them spiritually and socially. 

The present Parish Priest is Father Lauro Rufo . He and his assistant priests look after the many migrants among the parish, including the Italian, Filipino, Spanish, Korean and Dutch background. Though appropriate that they should give assistance to the migrants of the district, the Priests are focused on the spiritual welfare of all Catholic families of both communities in the parish. 

Parish Priests:
St. Kevin's Parish has been fortunate because we have had the opportunity to meet and work with many Priests over the years. These Priests, from many
different countries and different backgrounds have enriched the community of St. Kevin's Parish. The following is an attempt to outline the Priests that have helped shaped the parish's life over the years: Fr Farrell was the first parish priest in 1928, then Frs. Morris, Parker and O’Neil till 1965. Fr John Pagnin & Fr.Luigi Asteguo were the first Scalabrini priests followed by: Fr. Graziano Tassello, Fr. Emilio Vaccaro, Fr. Antonio Dal Bello, Fr. Saveroi Cinquetti, Fr. John Raccanello, Fr. Georgio Baggio Fr. Tizziano Martellozzo, Fr. Corrando Martellozzo, Fr. Dino Torresan, Fr. Barran Blaise, Fr. Bruno Ciceri, Fr. Tiziano Martellozzo, Fr. Lauro, Fr. Anthony, Fr. John Mello, Fr. Vittorio Basso and Fr Lauro Rufo, our current Parish Priest.


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