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Hornsby Cathedral Parish
On July 1st, 2009 the two parishes of Our Lady of the Rosary, Waitara, and Queen of Peace, Normanhurst, come together to form the one parish, Hornsby Cathedral Parish.

The history of these two communities is outlined below 


The Parish began on the second Sunday in May viz. 9th May 1971, in Loreto Chapel Normanhurst and functioned there for more than six years, courtesy of the Loreto Sisters. 

In 1973 the Council approved the construction of a Church and Priests’ residence. Construction of the Church commenced on 5th June 1976.  The Parish Church and Presbytery were blessed and opened on 31st July 1977 by Cardinal Freeman.

Parish Priest
Father F. Vaughan                                 May 1971 – June 2009, the first and only priest of the parish.

Parish Priest Emeritus 
Fr F. Vaughan                                       July 2001 – present Fr Vaughan. Now living at Lourdes Village Nursing Home Killara.

Thanks to the LORETO Sisters 
Sister Veronica of Loreto was a great help to the parish during our time in the Chapel and acted as a hostess, welcoming everyone who came to Mass. Throughout our stay, Sister used to take crying babies from their mothers and would nurse them during Mass. 

All the Sisters were good to us during our time in the Chapel in the early years. A few to get special mention are Sr. Ann, Sr. Mary Anne, Sr. Pauline, Sr. Deidre, Sr. Doreen, Sr. Kevin and Sr. Dominic. In latter years, Sr. John Baptist of Loreto did great work for us as a Catechist at Normanhurst High and she was extremely popular with the students. Sister was also very much part of our parish, regularly attending our Mass there and participating in our many parish activities. She finally moved to Ballarat and we miss her very much. 

The first child baptised in our parish was G. Crane and this took place in Loreto Chapel on the very first Sunday we began. It was Fr Vaughan’s privilege to eventually celebrate her marriage on the 23rd March 1996 in the Loreto Chapel.  

Our Lady of the Rosary, Waitara Community
At first, Our Lady of the Rosary Parish was included in the Pymble Parish (founded in 1883), which extended as far as Thornleigh and the Hawkesbury River, including part of the Hills District around Glenorie, Dural and Arcadia 

1893 to 1898 - Mass was celebrated bi-monthly, sometimes in a Mr Jackson's house at Hookham's corner 

1897 to 1898 - due to the overcrowding of the Babies Home at North Sydney, a Foundling Home was established at Waitara by the Sisters of Mercy of Monte Sant'Angelo. 

From 1898 - Mass was celebrated nearly every Sunday at Waitara in the Church-School that had been erected on the rear of an allotment of land facing Peat's Ferry Road (now Pacific Highway) and opposite the site of the present Waitara train station. 

Fathers Briody and Kirby travelled by the transport of the day (foot, bicycle, horseback or sulky) during those years. 

22 November 1908 - the brickwork was at a stage that allowed the laying of the Foundation Stone by His Eminence, Cardinal Moran. 

In 1916, the area from Cockle Creek as far as the Hawkesbury River was cut off from the Pymble Parish and became that of Our Lady of the Rosary, Waitara. 

1934/35 - extensions and alterations to the Church were completed 

During Fr Farrell's ministry, the main altar, altar rails, pulpit and floor of the Sanctuary was replaced with marble. 

During Fr Foley's ministry, the altar rails were removed so that priest and people might worship as one body 

The stained glass windows over the altar and front wall from the proceeds of a bequest from the estate of James and Bertha Quinn who had no family, but worked tirelessly during the periods that Fathers Nulty and Hawe were in charge of Our Lady of the Rosary Church. 

1991 - The Church moved away from Pacific Highway, down Yardley Avenue, and on 25 August 1991, the foundation stone was laid by the Most Rev. Patrick Murphy. 

The main attraction of the new Church is the large basalt stone wall with the stained glass window set in it. This gives the Church a traditional feel whilst having a modern design. The symbolism of the stone wall is that the stones represent the members of the parish as living stones fitting together neatly but in an irregular pattern, just as the parish members come from diverse backgrounds. We are all different but fit together as a cohesive community 

2001 - The establishment of a monthly Filipino mass in Tagalog. 

December 2002 - the establishment of a Diocesan Korean Chaplaincy centred in the Parish with Fr Philip Chung as Chaplain. 

February 2008 - Inauguration of OLOR as the Cathedral Parish of the Diocese of Broken Bay. 

Hornsby Cathedral Parish

July 1, 2009 – Amalgamation of Our Lady of the Rosary Parish and Queen of Peace Parish as Hornsby Cathedral Parish. 

Parish Priests


Most Rev. David Walker (Waitara and Hornsby)

10 February 2008 – present
First Bishop of OLOR Cathedral Parish

Parish Priests


Rev. Briody (PP of Pymble)

built the Church in 1909

Rev. Patrick Nulty (first PP, Waitara)

1916 - 13 March 1931

Rev. William Hawe (Waitara)

March 1931 - 3 June 1943

Rev. Michael Farrell (Waitara)

June 1943 - 13 June 1967

Rev. Michael Baulman (Waitara)

Rev. Francis Vaughan (Normanhurst)

17 August 1967 - 30 June 1978

May 1971 – June 2009

Rev. Paul Foley (Waitara)

11 July 1978 - 1 June 1987

Rev. Colin Blayney (Waitara)

5 June 1987 - January 2000

Rev. Paul Finucane (Waitara)

January 2000 - December 2007

Most Rev. Bishop David Walker (Waitara & Hornsby)

10 February 2008 - present 


Deans of the Cathedral


Rev. David Taylor

April 2008 – June 2008

Rev Jim McKeon

October 2008 - November 2011

Very Rev Robert Borg November 2011-present

Parish Priest Emeritus
Rev Francis Vaughan (Hornsby)

Assistant Clergy

July 2009 - present

Rev. Thomas Carrick (Waitara)

1916 - 1919

Rev. Patrick Conway (Waitara)

1919 - 1927

Rev. Michael Sheehy (Waitara)

1927 - 1932

Rev. Arthur Bambridge (Waitara)

1932 - 1934

Rev. Charles Williams (Waitara)

1934 - 1936

Rev. Jeremiah O'Sullivan (Waitara)

1937 - 1939

Rev. George Solomon (Waitara)

1939 - 1940

Rev. Patrick O'Rourke (Waitara)

1941 - 1943

Rev. Thomas Leonard (Waitara)

1943 - 1946

Rev. Gerald Smyth (Waitara)

1946 - 1948

Rev. Denis Ryan (Waitara)

1948 - 1950

Rev. James Byrne (Waitara)

1950 - 1951

Rev. Robert Nolan (Waitara)

1951 - 1956

Rev. John Noonan (Waitara)

1956 - 1958

Rev. James Boberg (Waitara)


Rev. Laurie Cruikshank (Waitara)

1957 - 1960

Rev. George Connolly (Waitara)

1958 - 1961

Rev. Paul Cahalan (Waitara)

1960 - 1964

Rev. John Heaps (Waitara)

1961 - 1964

Rev. Patick McMaugh (Waitara)

1964 - 1967

Rev. John Taylor (Waitara)


Rev. William Meacham (Waitara)

1965 - 1968, 1977 - 1978

Rev. Frank Higgins (Waitara)


Rev. John Spora (Waitara)

1970 - 1971

Rev. Daniel Lyons (Waitara)


Rev. Paul Hanna (Waitara)

1972 - 1974

Deacon Denis Hunter (Waitara)

1973 - 1974

Rev. Garry Lane (Waitara)


Rev. Gordon South (Waitara)

1974 - 1975

Rev. Lex Johnson (Waitara)

1975 - 1978

Rev. Phillip Wicks (Waitara)

1978 - 1981

Rev. Paul Smith (Waitara)

1981 - 1984

Rev. Colin Blayney (Waitara)

1984 - 1987

Rev. Pamfilo Vergara (Waitara)

1989 - 1991

Rev. Chris Williams (Waitara)

1991 – 1995

Rev. Philip (Seaung Jin) Chun (Waitara)

2003 - 2004

Rev. John Wakeling (Waitara)

2004 - 2007

Rev. Joseph Chung (Waitara)

2004 - 2009

Rev. John Hodgson CSsR (Administrator, Waitara)

2007 - 2008

Rev. Mathew Chennath (Waitara)

2007 - 2008

Rev. Geoff Bugden (Waitara)


Rev Joseph Pattakandam (Waitara)

2008 - 2009

Rev Sung Jae (Michael) Hwang (Waitara)


Rev Sungman (Patrick) Kim (Waitara)

2010 - 2013

Rev Anselam Lakra (Waitara)

2010 - present

Rev Jinto Pallathukuzhiyil 2011-2014
Rev Quang Van Nguyen 2011-2012
Rev Nathan Lourdunathan 2012-present
Rev Hyecjoun (Pius) Cha 2013-2014
Rev Joseph Han Buyl Choi 2014-present


Kevin Hale (Waitara and Hornsby)

2008 - 2011

Roberto Corpuz (Hornsby) 2011-present


Stained glass window 

















































































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