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Behaviour Management Policy
Diocesan School
Student Discipline Policy

“All that happens in the Catholic School, the curriculum, the relationships, the priorities, the aims and objectives, the pastoral care and discipline has the potential to speak of God’s life”

[The Distinctive Nature of a Catholic School]

At Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School, we believe that all students, their families and staff have the right to a safe and supportive learning environment. Therefore all staff, students and families share a responsibility to teach, foster, promote and encourage positive behaviours from all students. At Corpus Christi Catholic School we believe in adopting proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviours in order to enhance learning.

“We at Corpus Christi are oriented towards respect for the individual, inclusive community and service to others…encourage a proactive commitment to justice and peace for all “

Extract from Corpus Christi Vision and Mission Statement

Policy Framework
Flowing from the Christian vision expressed in the Diocesan Pastoral Care Policy, schools are called to establish relationships which are grounded in love, compassion, reconciliation and justice.  

Our school Behaviour Management Policy takes into account the Diocesan Pastoral Care Policy and the Student Discipline Policy for Diocesan Systemic Schools in that our approach to discipline has its basis in our pastoral care for each other – students, staff and parents.  

We believe that Pastoral Care:

  • has the life of Jesus Christ as its focus;
  • is concerned with the dignity and integral growth of the individual;
  • is a responsibility entrusted to all members of the faith community;
  • is a force for healing, reconciliation and liberation, and
  • is an expression of, and commitment to, justice.

(Extract from Diocesan Pastoral Care Policy)


  • Behaviour is defined as anything we say or do.
  • Appropriate Behaviour is any behaviour that contributes to the positive learning environment.
  • Challenging Behaviour is behaviour that significantly challenges the day to day functioning of schools. The behaviour impacts on learning and interrupts students’ and staff capacity to function in a safe and orderly environment.
  • At Risk Behaviour is any behaviour that could cause possible harm or injury to self or other. This includes physical, emotional or psychological harm.

Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School has adopted a whole school approach to bring about positive behaviour; Positive Behaviour for Learning [PBL]. This approach has a strong emphasis on teaching appropriate behaviours and providing systems of support to bring about these positive behaviours.  

“Student Discipline practices are based on restorative principles and are respectful of the dignity, rights and fundamental freedom of individual students, and at the same time are focused on the effective running of the school for the benefit of all.”

School Rules and Behavioural Expectations
Our Corpus Christi Catholic School Rules and behavioural expectations outline appropriate student behaviours that contribute to the functioning of our school as a safe and supportive learning environment. Students at Corpus Christi Catholic School will be taught, encouraged and supported to demonstrate these expected behaviours. 

At Corpus Christi Catholic School, we Respect Self and Others, Respect Learning, Respect our Environment.


Respect Self and Others


Respect Learning


Respect our Environment

Use kind words and actions

play by the rules

Have safe and caring hands

Care for our appearance

Make good choices


Be prepared to learn and let others learn

Contribute and cooperate

Be an active listener


Be in the right place at the right time

Put rubbish in the bins

Care for belongings


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