Serving as a Disciple

Ways of Doing

Being present and actively listening to God and each other

Process for Engagement

Presence and listening were evidenced in a number of the programs and ministries that were the best examples of Engaging and Participating.

This listening usually started by asking potential participants about their needs and hopes for the program proposed, this included feedback on both content and logistics.

The Soul Youth Ministry was developed in response to a Parish meeting, the Parent Faith Project content and format were developed in collaboration with the participants.

This listening was an ongoing part of the ways that these programs operate, there were many ways that participants were continuosly engaged in decision making.

In the examples there was also continuous involvement in the decision making about the program.

In the Out of Home Care Program, clients of the program are consulted on policy development and are involved in the recruitment process. There were also open lines for communication in the context of the programs considered, through regular review and opportunities for feedback.

In terms of “listening to God” this was evidenced in the many ways that programs left “space for God’ in their planning. They demonstrated an openness to move where they were being led, and were prepared to accommodate the inspiration of participants.

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