Serving as a Disciple

Ways of Doing

Opportunities for Formation and Learning

Process for Engagement

The programs exampled in this enabler provided for both learning and formation.

In this case, learning was seen as opportunities for increasing knowledge of the technical aspects of the job or ministry, having access to up to date information, receiving professional training in a particular skill or competence. These improve both confidence and capacity in working in ministry.

Formation, is seen then as development of heart. Opportunitites to engage in personal and group prayer, engaging with scripture, and participating in professional supervision as examples, provide more than just additional information needed to complete a task, they develop the whole person.

Formation is not the privilege of a few but the right and duty of all (Christifideles Laici, n63)

It is particularly important to know that the work of formation, while having intelligent recourse to the means and methods available from human science, is made more effective the more it is open to the action of God (Christifideles Laici, n63)

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