Serving as a Disciple

Ways of Doing

Suspend Judgement to be of Service

Process for Engagement

Openess is key to Reaching Out. This openness and welcome was witnessed in many of the programs that were seen as examples of Reaching Out.

In engaging with a spirit of openness and without judgement we can both provide support to those who need it, and acknowledge their giftedness.

At Mary Mac’s everyone is welcomed without judgement. Volunteers are provided with a set of guidelines for interacting with companions to ensure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect. These guidelines are based on the understanding that we can’t know someone’s circumstance; we can only offer love, friendship and support.

In the marriage preparation programs one of the co-ordinators shared “Judgement makes everything you say unpalatable, it prevents dialogue”.

Respect and love ought to be extended also to those who think or act differently than we do in social, political and even religious matters. In fact, the more deeply we come to understand their ways of thinking through such courtesy and love, the more easily we will enter into dialogue with them (Gaudium et Spes, n 28)

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