Leading as a Disciple

Ways of Doing

Inspiring a hope-filled, shared vision that animates the mission.

Process for Engagement

‘The Church's mission derives not only from the Lord's mandate but also from the profound demands of God's life within us.’ Encyclical Redemptoris Mission 1990

‘Leadership begins when a God revealed mission captures a person.’
Bishop David Walker

Vision is a unique take on the Mission, ‘God’s call on your life’, and describes where you are going, setting out aspirations for the future. The vision is intended to inspire people by appealing to the heart as well as the head. It revitalizes, offers fresh enthusiasm and new incentive. As well as being inspirational and aspirational, a vision should also be realistic and attainable.

People look to leadership for a vision that resonates with shared values and beliefs and rouses pride, excitement and motivation to be part of something much bigger than them.

The process of creating a shared vision is facilitated when the leader appeals to the shared aspirations, hope and dreams of the people, engages them in the process and equips them to realize the vision and carry on the mission.

"Vision comes alive only when it is shared" (Westley & Mintzberg,1989 “Visionary Leadership and Strategic Management” in Strategic Management Journal, 10).

Quotes from Consultation

“We have a shared belief based on the mission of the church- it’s easy to get support when you have a clear understanding of why you are doing something – this is the horizon that positions all our decisions”. (School Principals Consultation)

“There has to be a determination about the vision, to really stick with it and a passion for what we are looking to accomplish. This is more than a commitment and more than a strategic goal’ (School Principals Consultation)


“In sharing our vision we have to be able to name where God is present” (Clergy Consultation)

“Knowing and telling stories is an important part of building a vision” (School principals consultation)

“when ideas are built from below rather than imposed from on top, then it becomes about identity, ownership and belonging” (School Principals Consultation)

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