Leading as a Disciple

Ways of Doing

A preparedness to live with complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity while waiting for wisdom and insight to emerge.

Process for Engagement

“Goleman talks about the importance of ‘resonant’ leaders who, because of their emotional intelligence ….stay focused even amid profound change and uncertainty" (Goleman, 2000, Leadership that Gets Results).

Living with complexity and uncertainty requires self knowledge trust, perseverance to keep going and a strong commitment to the vision.

‘Waiting’ for wisdom and insight to emerge also requires patience and presence. It does not however suggest inactivity.

Leaders recognize that patience facilitates an accurate assessment of a situation, assists in understanding the complexities and also leaves space for the Spirit to act.

The greater the complexity and uncertainty, the greater the impatience of people and pressure on the leader to act. By demonstrating patience and composure and communicating intent, leaders reinforce the importance of focusing on the long-term outcomes.

Presence requires ‘being there’ for others; being intuitively connected and sensitive to the feeling and concerns of the people. Being present does not preclude the leader’s need to effectively manage complex situations with discipline, knowledge and rigorous processes.

Quotes from Consultation

“We are called and gifted to leadership – knowing this gives you confidence and courage, when you have a belief in your call” (Agency Leaders Consultation)

“A Spirit filled process develops its own energy. You get a sense that things are worthy in their own right. When something has a primal “rightness” it tends to move and develop – then as the leader you become a co-driver.” (School Principals Consultation)


“Our core framework is our relationship with Jesus, we have a strong framework for guiding our actions, and its also OK not to have all the answers” (School Principals Consultation)

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