Leading as a Disciple

Ways of Doing

Giving confidence in times of uncertainty and change with a message of hope, transformation and new life.

Process for Engagement

With change often comes anxiety, drop in morale and lack of confidence. People often feel ‘lost’ as change requires letting go of what was and embracing the new. This experience can be overwhelming.

In times of change people look to leadership for confidence; reassurance that ‘it will be alright’ and a sense of hope that the future will bring new life.

Change is a process which takes time and needs to be led at each stage of the process. Leaders need to:

  • Prepare for change
  • Support people through the change
  • Keep focussed on the vision

At each stage of the change process, communication is important. Providing information builds trust and confidence in the leader. Withholding information creates anxiety and erodes trust.

People seek meaning so when communication is not forthcoming they construct their own narrative to fill the gap. Their stories inform their perceptions and their perceptions become their reality.

Honest and transparent two way communication is a powerful catalyst for establishing and sustaining trust, engaging people in honest and open dialogue and debate, building commitment and buy-in and promoting engagement.

Sharing information also gives people the respect they deserve and welcomes them in to share in the tough times, express their feelings, offer their wisdom and provide support to others.

In situations where leaders take the decision not to engage in dialogue or withhold information for fear of consequences or to protect their people, an image of leadership invulnerability emerges; artificial harmony dominates; ambiguity of purpose and direction develops; energy and standards dip and ego and desire for personal status can become the main motivator.

Communication involves the leader being present and listening to others; listening receptively to what is being said (and not said).

Listening also encompasses getting in touch with one's inner voice, and seeking to understand what one's body, spirit, and mind are communicating.

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