Leading as a Disciple

Ways of Doing

Adapting leadership style in response to context, situation and need.

Process for Engagement

“The most effective leaders have the skills and flexibility to judge what leadership response is required in a situation and switch between leadership styles as the circumstances dictate. “ (Daniel Goleman, 2000, Leadership That Gets Results)

Goleman identifies six basic leadership styles. Each style makes use of the key components of emotional intelligence in different combinations:

  1. self awareness,
  2. self-regulation,
  3. motivation,
  4. empathy, and
  5. social skill.

Quotes from Consultation

“In leadership not one size fits all, its important that we know where the parish, or ministry is at and then to act with the wisdom needed. Sometimes this requires decision making, sometimes listening”. (Clergy Consultation)

“In challenging situations the leader has to make a decision about the appropriate way to act, you must choose your response. Making the right choice is all about balance – keeping in mind the situation at hand and the people involved. If we keep the balance and stay calm, we may even see the funny side of things. It’s in these critical moments that we are called to live out all the theory” (Agency Leaders consultation)

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