Leading as a Disciple

Ways of Doing

Sharing leadership

Process for Engagement

“Jesus built a team to carry out a world wide mission.” Bishop David Walker

Servant leadership is by its very nature collaborative, welcoming and bringing forth the gifts of all in community.

A Servant leader’s modus operandi is to multiply their leadership by empowering others to lead. Leaders who try to lead alone either wear out their followers and themselves or:

“…suppress the voices of the very people on whom he must rely to deliver his vision alive and kicking.” (Zander, 2000, The Art of Possibility)

Sharing leadership does not undervalue the role of leader as ultimate decision maker. Sharing leadership is rather a process of drawing forth the gifts and wisdom of the group.

Sharing leadership reduces competition and promotes co operation; encourages many voices - not just the loudest.

“If you define leadership not by the position you hold but by a way of being you discover you can lead from wherever you are.”
(Rosamund Stone Zander, 2000, The Art of Possibility)


Quotes from Consultation

“You need to invite people into the vision, using the skills that are in the community. If you want a big project you have to learn to invite people to join you” (School Principals Consultation)

“It’s important to lead by example – to minister “with” people and not “to” them” (Clergy Consultation)


When you want people to volunteer you have to tap them on the shoulder, a personal invitation is powerful. When I am inviting someone into ministry I like to say to them – “why I would love them to be involved, what’s in it for them and why I think that they would be good at the ministry, what they offer” Ben Marshall, Music Ministry, Catholic Community of North Harbour.

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