Leading as a Disciple

Ways of Doing

Establishing and nurturing mutually respectful relationships.

Process for Engagement

“Leaders need to be emotionally mature - able to engage others in mutually beneficial relationships, use heart as well as head.” (Patrick Duignan, 2006, Leadership Challenges and Ethical Dilemmas )

Regardless of style, leaders establish, build and maintain relationships at both an individual and organisational level. This requires a leader to demonstrate:

empathy: skill at sensing other people’s emotions, understanding their perspectives, and taking an active interest in their concerns;

organizational awareness: the ability to read the context, build decision networks , and navigate politics.” (D. Goleman 2000 Leadership that Gets Results)

Proficiency in managing relationships and building networks requires a leader to find common ground and build rapport through listening and communicating, cultivating and maintaining a web of relationships and promoting cooperation and team work.

Quotes from Consultation

“presence in leadership is about listening and waiting appropriately, respecting people where they are” (Agency Leadership Consultation)

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