Transition to Work

CatholicCare’s Transition to Work Program, at Waitara Family Centre, is designed for school leavers so that they can develop and gain skills with the goal of gaining future employment.

Summary of Learnings

Centacare’s Transition to Work Program is a project funded by the Department of Family & Community Services, Ageing, Disability and Home Care. The program is for School leavers with a goal to gain employment. Students are funded for 2 years to develop and gain skills for future employment.

Transition to Work Programs are structured programs that offer students opportunities to participate in training programs that assist skill development in the following areas: office skills, retail skills, hospitality skills, interview skills, OHS awareness, cooking, customer service, workplace awareness and standards.

The Waitara Family Centre Transition to Work incorporates within their program throughout the 2 years opportunities to develop independent “travel training” on a variety of modes of public transport.

Staff work closely with students on an individual and group basis to develop and increase ability and confidence in all these areas.

Transition to Work also offers a unique program which consists of a working Café. The Cafe operates each Wednesday and is open to Parishioners and staff of the Hornsby Parish and local Centacare workers.

Students are able to develop their hospitality and customer service skills in a setting that mirrors a real ‘Café’ environment. Customers who visit the café for lunch and coffee make donations to the program for their lunch.

Each Student works with staff to develop an Individual Transition to Work Plan which identifies employment and life goals. Programs are then developed to assist the individual student to attain skills to attain their goals.

Transition to Work is a "person centred" program and focuses on meeting the individual goals and needs of students.

A major part of the program is the element of Work Sampling/Experience. Students are given opportunities to attend work placements within the field of their chosen employment goal. Staff assist students whilst on these placements and train and support them to learn the tasks required for each placement.

Transition to Work is currently partnered with fifteen businesses that support the program in offering work sampling/experience placements for students.

Summary of Learnings

  • The program has strong connections to the community through local business support and connections to the parish. This has been accomplished with intentional networking by the program co-ordinator



  • The program aims to meet people where they are at and to journey with them at their pace
  • Professional support, development and supervision are provided to employees

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