Family Support

Family Support Services at Brookvale Family Centre, run by Centacare, responds to the need to offer support to families as they face the many challenges of family life.

Summary of Learnings

The State Government Department of Community Services (DOCS) identifies particular families requiring this sort of assistance and Families NSW looks at early intervention programs. Brookvale Family Centre Family Services team offers assistance with Parenting Programs, Kids Groups, Parenting after Separation and Men’s Services.

With these programs Family Services offers eighteen different seminars/workshops and groups specific to the particular assistance required; these include the Triple P Positive Parenting Programs, Circle of Security, Realistic Behaviour Management Course and Parenting after Separation.

Families can be referred to Centacare by DOCS, Family Services, schools or medical staff. Some families hear of the services available and enrol themselves to attend the programs offered.

There is a very tight network of communication, between the Government Departments, community groups, schools, and other charitable agencies. Everyone works together to ensure that the best services are provided to the families who need them.

Programs offered are run both at the Centacare Famiy Centre and at other school and community facilities.

Family Services has developed a good working relationship with the local council and schools, the programs are valued for the benefit that they offer to the community and so there is support available from the community to ensure that programs are accessible.

Local schools are particularly keen to have courses run in their schools as it makes it easier and socially acceptable to the parents to be attending a course in their own school.

A roster of programmes is prepared on a six monthly basis, and the dates are widely circulated through the relevant government departments, councils, community groups, schools and churches.

Every participant in their programs completes an evaluation to ensure Family Services are kept informed of the response to courses offered and if they are meeting the needs of families.

Local schools are keen for Family Services to be tuned in to ongoing problems within families, and they work closely together with the idea that “If we see a need we meet it”.

Recently Family Services worked on a program with two local school principals after such a need was identified.

It is a team effort that ensures the right services are delivered to the people who need them.

The well trained staff know what is available and know how to coordinate with the various agencies to ensure a successful outcome for families.

Due to the experience of the workers they are able to work with families to offer the service that they may need in the most accessible manner, including a sensitivity regarding the client’s financial capacity to participate in the courses offered.

Summary of Learnings

  • Programs are conducted in a variety of locations to ensure that they are accessible to the widest cross section of people. Thought is also given to selecting familiar locations where the participants will be comfortable eg school facilities
  • The programs offered are valued by the community as they are structured around community needs, therefore they have great support in promoting the programs
  • Communication practices ensure close collaboration with government departments, local school and community groups



  • Because the team is well trained they can work creatively to find solutions that meet the needs of the clients
  • Every participant in their programs completes an evaluation to ensure Family Services are kept informed of the response to courses offered and if they are meeting the needs of the client.
  • Brookvale Family Services through listening to their clients and by connecting with other groups in their local area are “tuned in” to issues that families are facing and then work on developing programs to meet that need.

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