Heartbeat Program at Wahroonga Parish

The Wahroonga Parish were recently given a grant of $2500 by the Diocese of Broken Bay as part of the Synod Incentive Program.

Summary of Learnings

The Parish have used their grant to establish groups reflecting on the Sunday gospel in the parish. Eight groups are currently meeting on a weekly basis using the method of lectio divina during Lent.

There is the possibility that groups might form also in the post-Easter period for another six-week program leading up to Pentecost.

“It’s been a marvellous venture so far, and we are most pleased with the response we’ve had,” said Fr David. “Approximately 80 people have joined one of the small groups in the parish.”

The make-up of people in the groups varies, with a young mother’s group, a young adults group, a men’s group, a senior ladies group and a few mixed groups.

The small groups meet once a week for about an hour, and the meetings are in three parts. The first part is sharing of life, second part is a lectio divina style reading of the text and the third part is a discussion of the text.

The Wahroonga Parish is also staging conversations about prayer, led by Fr David Ranson. The first one took place on 9 March and was professionally filmed and edited and will be available on youtube to view. The grant money also helped pay for this service.

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