Peninsula Learning Community

The Peninsula Learning Community of Catholic Schools allows schools to work together to provide connected learning experiences and a network for learning for teachers and principals.

Summary of Learnings

The Peninsula Learning Community of Catholic Schools is formed by the 12 primary schools and the two systemic Colleges located on Sydney’s northern peninsula.

This community allows schools to work together to provide connected learning experiences such as mentoring between high school and primary students, debating competitions, sporting events, extension learning opportunities and shared musical performances. It also provides a network for learning for the teachers and principals in this area.

Some examples of joint projects across the PLCCS include the following.

Peninsula Photography Competition

Students from the 12 Primary Schools that form part of the Peninsula Learning Community of Catholic Schools (PLCCS) are invited to submit an entry for their School Cluster photo competition.

The 2011 theme, ‘Catholic Worldview through the lens of a child,’ is relevant to the visual arts, literacy and religious education curriculums.

The competition judge and sponsor, The School Photographer, awards prizes in each category: places, animals, nature and people.

Peninsula Mission Project Workshop Day

The Peninsula Learning Community of Catholic Schools Mission Project Day involves Stage Three students from each of the twelve Peninsula schools in the workshops with a mission focus. Presenters are invited to address students on the theme selected for the year.

Inspired by these presentations the students develop a plan that they then action within their school, parish and wider community. Students from secondary Catholic Colleges participate in the workshop as mentors for the primary school students.


The day demonstrates the effective collaboration of clergy, parish Social Justice Committee members and parents who also attend and support the students during their work on their action plans.

One of the key goals of this initiative is to link the schools into existing parish outreach projects involving the parish Social Justice committees. The hope is to strengthen the students’ connection to, and involvement in their parish beyond their primary school years.

Peninsula ‘Marana Music Festival’

The Marana Music Festival is an annual celebration for the Peninsula Learning Community of Catholic Schools. It is held at Mater Maria Catholic College, Warriewood, and is named in recognition of the local custodians of the land on which the College stands, the Guringai people.

Principals, teachers and music tutors meet regularly throughout the year to plan and clarify the necessary details to produce such a large and high quality combined performance.


The Marana Music Festival strives to serve as a professional and entertaining performance of music excellence as the combined musical talent of Catholic schools in the Peninsula Cluster of schools is showcased for parents and special guests.

The Festival includes both individual and combined performances by primary and secondary students, and a range of musical pieces from African traditional music to Mozart to the Black Eyed Peas!

One of the highlights of the preparations for the Festival is the weekend workshop held prior to the event which involves more than 400 students.

The involvement of a large number of secondary students from Mater Maria College as tutors for the younger primary students is an enriching experience for both groups.


The older students enjoy the opportunity to teach the younger ones, and the primary students find a range of new role models and friends amongst the secondary students. It is a positive example of the K-12 perspective in the system of schools.


Summary of Learnings

  • Collective initiatives mean that resources can be shared and therefore maximised
  • Collective efforts among a cross section of schools brings together a variety of strengths and ideas
  • Initiatives can be built on and taken to new limits


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