Permanent Diaconate

A Deacon is an enabler who encourages all baptised to use their gifts in the service of Christ and brings God’s word to believer and unbeliever. 

A Deacon is ordained by the Bishop to work together with the priests and lay leaders of the Church. He is an enabler who encourages all baptised to use their gifts in the service of Christ and brings God’s word to believer and unbeliever.

In terms of specific ministry, a Deacon presides over public prayer, baptises and assists at marriages and funerals. He can minister in hospitals, ports, schools, prisons and Diocesan agencies.

The Deacon brings the presence of Jesus to his family, his work place, to the shops, wherever people work and play – he embodies Christ who came to serve and not to be served.

“I was drawn to the permanent diaconate by an article in the Broken Bay News which emphasised that Deacons are family people who seek to take their family experiences into ministry in the Church. The journey to Permanent Diaconate has been both challenging and rewarding. I have been challenged to plumb the depths of my faith and to learn to listen with the ear of my soul, and see with the eyes of my soul. My faith has been affirmed and strengthened and has matured with the knowledge and insights to which I have been exposed.”
David, ordained 2008.

“On reflection, over the past four years my ministry as deacon at Blessed Mary MacKillop Parish of Warnervale has grown in all areas. My prayer life and Eucharist, for Gayle and I, forms the basis of both our ministries; ministering within Mass as Deacon, Baptisms, weddings, funerals and preaching are now an integral part of my ministry within the Parish. Being part of the growth of the College has formed a close bond with staff and pupils. Ministering to the aged and the sick, training 30-Pastoral Care Volunteers in my Program for the six Aged Care Facilities and wider Parish community.”
Jim, ordained 2004.

What are the Prerequesites for Permanent Diaconate?

The applicant for the diaconate in the Diocese of Broken Bay should be a man who:

  • Is committed to and lives out of Gospel values
  • Has shown leadership qualities in parish/Diocesan ministry
  • Is no younger than 35 and no older than 60 to enter the program
  • Is identified by his parish community as a person of service, values and justice
  • If married, is in a stable happy marriage and whose wife and children support him in pursuing the diaconate
  • Is capable of giving serious attention and time to theological study, spiritual formation and ministry
  • Has a stable work history
  • Has a positive attitude towards the Church and is flexible in adapting to the future needs of the Church
  • Is formally presented for the diaconate by his pastor who sees that he is mentored during the years of formation

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