Am I called?

The priest is anointed for the poor, for prisoners, for the oppressed, for those who are sorrowing and alone. He prays over the realities of their everyday lives, troubles, joys, burdens and hopes. 

How to know God is calling me to the Priesthood?

Most men called to the priesthood have experienced several (but not all) of the following.

  • Inner desire to pray more and take the faith more seriously.
  • Passion for the Faith.
  • Have a basic desire to give your life to God completely and the desire to be a priest.
  • Can’t shake the possibility of priesthood.
  • Attracted to the things are involved in the life of a priest.
  • Others have said, “You’d make a Good Priest.”
  • Have a desire to serve people in different ways, or to pass on the faith, or to pray with and for others.
  • Being committed to one’s Catholic faith – a love for Christ, for the Sacraments, for the People of God.

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