Life of a Priest

A sharing by Fr Jim McKeon 

I met many young people who say that they would be interested in making a difference as a priest, brother or sister, except for one thing: not being married. But I’d like to put a question to you that I’ve put to many people: If you could find a cure for cancer, but you had to completely devote your life to it, even excluding getting married- would you do it? Or, if you could create world peace, but again, you had to choose not to be married to do it, would you?

Many people say that yes, they would give up even marriage to be able to cure cancer or create peace. Well, no one person is going to cure cancer and no one person is going to create world peace, but it does show that some things are worth completely dedicating your life to. And while life as a priest, a brother or sister isn’t going to change the world, I can promise you that it is a life where you do get to make a difference for others, and that it is so rewarding that it is worth giving up anything for, even marriage.

In my life as a priest I get to be part of the best and the worst times, the most important experiences of so many people’s lives. I am able to take part in so many retreats, camps and pilgrimages which I just wouldn’t have time and energy for if I had made a commitment to a wife and children. Sometimes I do think I would like to be married, but I wouldn’t give up the experiences I have as a priest for anything. Every vocation is a choice to love, just different ways of loving.

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