Pope Francis' Encyclical

This encyclical is aimed at everyone. Let us pray that everyone can receive its message and grow in responsibility toward the common home that God has entrusted to us.” —Pope Francis, Angelus, 14 June 

“In a time where we often take the world in which we live for granted, Pope Francis' words are a wakeup call to each of us, reminding us that we are called to be good stewards of Creation and not exploiters of its riches.

As human beings we are integrally part of the created order and not above it. When we care little for the world around us, it has devastating effects upon the poor and those without material wealth or power.

The Gospel calls us in every generation to take up our cross and follow Christ for the sake of the Lord and our brothers and sisters in the human family. Every person matters, and the connection between our physical and our human environments, what various popes have called our 'human ecology', must be loved and attended to if we are to care for each person in his or her vulnerability and need.

I encourage everyone to spend quality time reading Pope Francis' encyclical with a prayerful heart and a mind for the poor, and to open their eyes to what the Gospel calls them to do for their neighbour wherever they live and work.”

Bishop Peter A Comensoli
Bishop of Broken Bay



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